Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu 17 Jan

Lunch- Tomato salsa and walnut bread
Lamb kofta,courgette & feta fritters, carrot & coriander fritters,tabbloheh, hoummous,baba ganoush,red cabbage and karanga salad,rocket and parmesan salad
Lemon curd Shortbread

Afternoon Tea - Chocolate & Beetroot Cake

Bar Snacks - Karanga, Parmesan Wafers

Dinner - Smoked Sailfish with Tanga Halloumi & Potato Rosti with Horseradish dressing
Lime sour beef fillet with coriander & mint, cassava chips, swahili spinach with sesame
Coconut custard pots with pineapple accompanied by cashew biscotti


  1. OK, now you're making me feel even worse. Surely you buy that lot in from M&S?

  2. Oh I WISH, we don't have any supermarkets here, God i miss M&S (and waitrose, and and and), it's quite amazing what you can do when you don't have any choice :-), that sounds really smug and i promise i'm not. Getting supplies is a daily nightmare, i'm such a control freak that i don't trust anyone else to do it.