Monday, September 27, 2010

Exciting times

So much happening it's hard to know where to start! We've got Wedding's booked; so lovely, the person booking came here last year for her birthday loved Ras Mbisi and has decided she wants to get married here, so that's a full house at the end of February for 4 nights. She wants a simple elegant theme with drift wood, and only off-white, pale green and chocolate brown for her colour theme.

Lots of other stuff too, editorials in major UK magazines, one due out early next month. I'm doing a couple of guest blogs elsewhere (will post details here once they are up) and a couple of bloggers writing about us on their blogs (again will post details once they are up). Add to that some fab tripadvisor reviews and I'm having a pretty good month.

Looking forward; World Travel Market (WTM) at ExCel in early November, will be good to catch up with the operators that do so much to encourage people to visit Mafia, I have some amazing material for them this year, including 'the film' which I will be handing out on DVD. Looking forward to catching up with friends and family too, not to mention my new 'friends' who thus far I have only 'met' virtually - yes @exmoorjane i'm talking to you!!


  1. Yay! Will be fabulous. So SO glad you're getting the recognition you deserve at long last!

  2. It will! Will bring Adrian some of the new beers to try, and some goodies for you. Flying in around the 5th of Nov and out around the 20th so if we can fit in around those dates?

    Red dropped the article - no idea why and no explanation, but the Elle UK one will be in the next issue which is cool, we are a 'chic shack'!!!

  3. Great! You can guest blog for me any time you've got the time! We have Guests who were 10 days on your island but stayed somewhere else. I was mortified! xx

  4. Will do! What do you want me to blog about?

    I hope you told them they stayed in the wrong place!!!

  5. Hmm, there's a thought. Maybe you should do a guest blog for me. Maybe in the depths of mid-winter here when it's really disgusting. :)

    ELLE will be fabulous coverage.... perfect audience. :)

  6. Ha ha, that'll really endear me to your readers!