Friday, May 14, 2010

Slower pace of life - really? when?

Well the Lodge might be closed for the annual 'long' rains, but life here goes on. We are busy renovating, updating and renewing everything ready for the new season in June. So much to do, so little time. The boat being built is actually to become our new buffet table - trust me it'll look ace............I hope!

We've managed a short break in Dar, lots of running around getting 'things' for the lodge that are not available on Mafia (that'll be everything then), celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Having real family time back on the Island has been lovely.

We are looking forward to the new season, welcoming back past guests, and greeting new ones, it looks like being a busy time for which we are thankful although I bet I'll be moaning by September!

Exciting times in the Kitchen, Daudi is back from his training in one of Dar es Salaams top 5 star hotel kitchens, he's full of enthusiasm which is fab. He's one of our real success stories, having started 2 years ago as a general labourer, he moved on to be kitchen assistant and dishwasher. He is now my right hand in the kitchen. We also may be having a Michelin Chef staying this season, he has offered private cooking lessons which Daudi and Masiku are VERY excited about. Those of you who have stayed with us will remember Rashidi, as our bar man he knew before you did that you were ready for your next drink! He is now stepping up to become our Guest Relations and Events Manager.

Off now to start working on the new seasons menus, we have lots of new taste sensations in store for you all!

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