Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disasters & good news

Oh disasters how we love you! This time of year the weather is predictable in its unpredictableness – it is the rainy season, and the time of year the winds change from the north east monsoon to the south east monsoon. The south easterly is known in Kiswahili as the ‘kusi’, this wind is strong, so strong that it caused severe damage to our water tower and yep you guessed it came crashing down, note; a five thousand litre poly tank full of water does not bounce, it smashes into many pieces (see picture)

So, good news is there any? For us yes, busy full house this weekend, we aren’t really open until mid-June, but happy to do so for a reasonable amount of people, weather has improved and has been lovely and sunny, the sea is calm and clear so why not!

Congratulations to Giulia for winning the 10th Anniversary Dar es Salaam Charities Goat Races Members Enclosure ticket raffle – a break for two Full Board at Ras Mbisi, we look forward to welcoming you to Mafia very soon.

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