Monday, March 5, 2012

Normal service??

Hmm, well despite the promises I didn’t manage to start posting regularly again. The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity both with the lodge, my digital media business and personal ‘stuff’. Not to mention good old Vodacoms total absense of service for weeks at a time!!

November – saw me flying to London for the World Travel , hectic but ultimately fruitful, also managed to catch up with friends and family and shop for the girls Christmas pressies – I did well this time round, only 2 suitcases.

December was obviously full on with a Christmas and New Year full house and lodge, trying to keep both the kids and the guests happy is an annual challenge.

January, January was hard, I received the news that my beloved Dad had passed away, he had been low level ill for much of my life, but it had accelerated in the last 5 years, when I saw him in November it was obvious that he was really very ill. I spoke to him at New Year and he sounded very positive and more like his old self and we were all looking forward to seeing him in April, sadly he died just a couple of days after our conversation, there are really no words to explain how lost I feel without him, it took a number of weeks of being in his house and sorting and decorating it ready for sale before I really took on board that he wasn’t going to walk in the door with a cheery ‘Hello my love’. Grief really is a bizarre thing, I spent a lot of my time in the UK just raging – at him for the state he’d left things in, at myself and the world, I mean I cried the night I heard and at the funeral, but other than that I was numb, on auto-pilot and angry. But, the tears have come, and they show no sign of stopping now.

You may wish to skip the next post which will be a tribute to my lovely Dad, normal service to be resumed shortly.

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