Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All New!

All new things happening at Ras Mbisi. We've hit the end of the season (again), renovations and additions now underway - so excited about all the new things happening for next season, some real treats in store for all - and next season is looking BUSY!! Which is great, all the staff have worked so hard alongside us to make Ras Mbisi a success, and now as shareholders they get to reap the rewards.

Some shopping Tanzania style photos for you this time - enjoy xxxx

p.s. still waiting for the Wedding photos - hoping to get them soon

Shopping Kilindoni style

Kilindoni main market

Waheedis - source of good fabric, if you look hard enough, I buy linen and silk jersey to make into trousers and tops

Mitumba stall - 'tree boutiques' as we call them, second hand clothes, I've found everything from Primark, through Banana Republic & Gap to Jaeger on these stalls (photo credit for Mitumba stall - MangoTree Musing)

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